Hello there, our future user of Meteorologist.pro!

So, you are planning to go to a meeting, but the sky is suspiciously cloudy? Looking for the most accurate UK weather forecast service online? You are at the right place! Oh, wait… We’ve got too much excited about a new guest. We’ve forgotten to tell you that unfortunately, right now we can’t provide you with a forecast because our website hasn’t been launched yet. But you will be able to get the most accurate weather forecasts for any place in the United Kingdom soon enough. With the help of our service, no rainy or stormy weather will be a suddenness.

All the weather information is going to be displayed in the form of a calendar widget divided into two parts. One of them will show general information about the weather. It includes such info as a day of the week, date, weather icon, minimum and maximum temperature. By day, you’ll be able to choose between:

The other part will contain detailed information for a specific day. It is going to show such things as the date, the day of the week, current temp, sunrise and sunset times (almost to the minute), the times of the day and their temperature (night, morning, afternoon, evening), and weather icons with captions that are going to be displayed after clicking on them (for example, clear/cloudy sky, heavy rain, etc.).

It will be followed by information about atmospheric pressure (in millimeters of mercury), humidity percentage, speed of the wind and its directions. The speed will be displayed in meters per second, and the directions are going to be displayed with an arrow. In addition, there will be a precipitation probability percentage for times of the day and in general.

Under all the above-mentioned parameters, you will also find a brief text forecast for the chosen day plus interesting weather lore sayings and phraseological units directly related to the specific date and month. As a bonus fact, there will be shown maximum and minimum temperatures of the chosen day in recent years.

Additionally, the resource will have a great function that allows you to search and look through the forecasts of any place you want. You can do this by typing in the name or by switching to a map. When you switch to this mode, you will see a map with the possibility of detailed zooming. There will be cities and towns with weather icons.

One of the most interesting features will be constantly updated information about weather conditions on highways outside settlements. This way, you will be able to carefully plan any of your trips, and bad weather won't take you by surprise on the road.

For those who are too lazy to type their city in the search box every time, the possibility of an automatic search is provided. To automatically receive the information about your location when you log in to the site, you will need to give the site access to your geographical location.

This website will be completely adapted to work with smartphones or tablets perfectly. This way, you’ll be able to view a weather forecast any time you want. The platform of your mobile device is not important. The website will work equally well on Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows. You won't need to download any additional apps. Also, you can add our site to your favorites right now so that in the future, when the site is launched and fully functioning, you will be able to quickly access the latest weather information.